Reasons Why Deal-Makers Opt for Virtual Repositories Instead of Land-Based Deposits?


Accomplishment of business projects normally is connected with the exchange of strategic and private data. To reduce the danger of information theft or unauthorized sharing deal-makers are looking for the most protected and convenient methods of information sharing. For a considerable amount of time, the single solution businessmen had was setting up a physical data room – land-based repository for hard copies of the documents and for palpable samples, products, and other physical objects. Anyway, needs existing in the market undergo alterations to be coherent with the epoch and today land-based data rooms are not capable of meeting its requirements. (more detail here –

Obviously, data exchange via a land-based data room is a prolonged in time and quite irritating task as all the deal participants are obliged to visit personally the PDR where information id kept. But with the emergence of the Web projects have to be accomplished as soon as possible as all the information may be exchanged on the Internet. Therefore, the brand new sort of repositories has appeared – virtual repositories were designed to to be utilized instead of physical repositories.

The way from a land-based room to a virtual platform was quite painless and consistent. The most crucial cause why land-based repositories were doomed to lose popularity was the fact that VDRs guarantee all the important functions but in more convenient mode. Therefore, it was unreasonable to deny that physical data rooms have nothing interesting to offer nowadays and that setting up a virtual data room is more justified and wise design.

Advantages a reputable virtual platform is expected to offer

Virtual repositories fulfill the role of cloud-based information depository and all the information is accessible for selected clusters of users. Thus, any virtual repository performs the the most crucial roles of a land-based room: it offers businessmen the well-equipped and secure environment for files’ sharing. Moreover, a VDR has to be provided with numerous options that land-based rooms were deprived of. The following aspects make virtual platforms needed by deal-makers all over the planet:

1. As all the data is stored on servers, a virtual room is accessible worldwide: that is why there is no difference when and where a VDR user tries to browse the files. Thus, no geographical distances might delay the deal accomplishment;

2. The majority of virtual platforms can be entered via the gadgets. For businessmen, it means that they may use their gadgets to continue to work even on-the-go;

3. All the data is logically organized and the information system is easy to navigate due to up-to-date search features and filters available;

4. It is comparatively cheap to set up and supervise a virtual room;

5. As all the VDR visitors may be divided into permission groups, the room owners have a possibility to utilize one virtual room for many deals at once. Thus, the virtual data room owners might save a considerable amount of time and money;

6. The VDR can be accessed lots of businessmen concurrently: there is no strict order and the visitors have a chance to view the information kept in the data room whenever they need to. In a contrast, to visit a PDR and to analyze the information deal-makers were obliged to wait in a queue;

7. As all the data is copied on several servers, so that it is easy to bring back data in a case some information is destroyed or lost;

8. VDRs are enhanced with the complex and multi-sided data protection systems;

9. A VDR is a helpful venue for having a conversation: all the room users may negotiate about the files and share thoughts directly via the room;

10. As all the actions of all the room users are captured, the room owners get a holistic image of their activity and may keep an eye on the actions of the most interested room visitors.

The list of features that a good virtual repository can provide its customers with proved to be more complete however the characteristics mentioned belong to the most important features that differentiate virtual rooms from physical rooms and that make them appealing to deal-makers. With the help of a functional virtual repository, deal-makers have a possibility to fulfill their deal sooner and without problems. As wise deal-makers cherish their own comfort and time and are willing to be sure that the other participants of the project do not meet any technical problems in a course of the deal, they give preference to VDRs instead of land-based repositories.